Client & Recomendations

Our clients include a wide range of media, educational, corporate and non-profit organizations, both nationally and locally. Among them are:

Barry Overton - Entertainment Services

Rodney's knowledge and tangible experience in a wide variety of disciplines related to arts and entertainment has served me well in the numerous projects and activities that we have worked on together. Although Rodney is a multi media emporium all by himself with the ability to perform, record, shoot, mix, master and/or edit projects, it is his ability to take a clients unfinished concept or partial vision and build it out to a real plan which not only includes creative production, but also the marketing, promotions and other systems needed to make the created element a truly consumable product. What good is creating a great element if no one has the ability to enjoy it? Clients working with Rodney Whittenberg, need not worry about this issue.

Jefferson Berry - Band Leader

This October (2014), I will be releasing my 4th album. It is my third collaboration with Rodney Whittenberg at Melody Vision Studios. I’ve started other projects at other studios and have a reasonably decent standard of comparison. Here’s what differentiates Rodney from other places you may be considering for your project. Ears. Both for pitch and locked in rhythm, Rodney hears things that no one else does. In final mix edits, I found that I couldn’t hear the slightest of flaws until Rodney fixed them. When working on performances, Rodney took each member of my band to task in the most constructive manner. And understanding how open the artist is to collaboration, Rodney is a fountain of ideas. But as a producer who is sensitive to the artistic process, Rodney doesn’t obligate you with a heavy hand. Melody Vision is stacked with both a Digital Performer and a Final Cut Pro work station, nice cameras, interfaces and mics. Rodney’s knowledge of these programs and the state of the art equipment is extremely deep and current. If you’ve made records, you know you need to spend a lot of time in the studio. Maybe you’ve finished with a good product, but you’d rather never see that producer again. Rodney is easy going, the kind of guy anyone can get along with. And when you’ve finished your project, his connections in the industry, his orientations to sound marketing strategies are a big plus.

Phyllis Chapell - Singer SIORA

Rodney Whittenberg is truly one of a kind, with so many gifts that it is unbelievable. He has the creativity and imagination to envision a project, and the skills and talents necessary to achieve and produce wondrous results. Can't speak enough about Rodney's gifts, and beyond that, he is a personable, charming, generous, loving spirit! 

Matthew Brown Managing Partner, VP of CTC Events - Event Planning, Design & Production - CMP

I have worked with Rodney on a few projects creating opening module and candid videos. Rodney created custom soundtracks for the videos and enhancing the experience through sound. He accomplished everything on very tight timelines. His work is outstanding and it has been a great experience as we challenged each other to finalize a superior product. 

Josh Olson, Academy Award-nominated writer of "History of Violence" and director of "Infested"

"For 'Infested,' I wanted a score that managed to play it completely straight, yet still contained a sly wink to the audience that we're in on the gag. Rodney managed to take that virtually incomprehensible direction and craft a score that hit the nail on the head."

Michael DeMirjian Editor & Creative Poohbah

Rodney Whittenberg has so many outstanding attributes that I had a hard time keeping this brief. For one, he’s a first-rate composer, especially when scoring for picture. His tracks always enrich & enhance – they never encroach. It’s never about Rodney, it’s about the picture. And his patience is something I aspire to. But what puts Rodney over the top is his awareness & attentiveness to all things around him; be they sensory, such as sounds & sights - or personal, such as community & relationships. And with those qualities firmly in place, it comes as no surprise that Rodney brings such artistry & sensitivity to his music.

Jennie (Zehmer) Alwood Senior Move Manager

Rodney is writing a very short, but complex piece of music for an exhibition project I am leading at The Franklin Institute titled "Identity:an Exhibtiion of You." Can you imagine what your personality might sound like if it were a piece of music? Well that is what he is writing - but on a spectrum for visitors to manipulate and hear what their own personalities might sound like. He has put his whole creative mind into the project and we love what we are hearing! Thank you Rodney!