Our Music & Audio services include:

Audio Editing & Restoration: If it made a sound, we can edit or clean it up. If it is distorted or full of digital pops and clicks, we can fix it.

Producing: We can guide you through any of these issues:

  • figuring out how your music should sound;
  • finding your creative voice;
  • getting pro sound from your demos and recording. 

Radio Drama / Audio Books / Voiceovers / Podcasts: Melodyvision can support any type of voice project you have. We can produce it with Sound EFX and original music. We will bring your work to life.

ADR / Film & TV Sound Mix / Sound Design for Film: Balancing all audio levels and making your film’s sound sparkle. We will add Sound EFX and background sounds to create a complete audio experience. We can replace bad audio with new, superb audio.

Analog to Digital Transfer: Turn old recordings—Reel-to-Reels, Mini-Discs, audio cassettes or 78/33/45 phonograph recordings—into digital files and place them on media.